14 Lessons from The Golden Girls that Help Me Get Through Hard Times

Honestly, today is one of those days when getting out of the door seems like mission impossible. I picked up a blanket, made myself some coffee and started watching The Golden Girls. Whenever I immerse myself in the lives of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia, I end up laughing in the face of uncomfortable subjects and situations that could very well happen to most of us. Watching them is one of the things Astrid and I love to do when we’re feeling really down. When there’s nothing but stress and lack of motivation, we sit down with a cup of coffee and watch The Golden Girls.

It’s amazing how a comedy show that was written more than three decades ago still resonates with today’s problems and lifestyle. Some of those subjects were:

Age gap relationships
Interracial Relationships
Illegal immigration
Age discrimination
Middle Age
Women Topics
You name it, they probably talked about it.

What I most appreciated was the way they portrayed women issues with a touch of sense of humor but never losing its grace. There was always something to take away from each episode, a lesson to be learned and that’s why I love it so much. Not only makes me laugh, it gives me that little push in the back I need to continue the fight.
With that said, here are some life philosophies from the GG that I greatly relate to!

1.Friendship support and sweets can get us through hard times.

2. Be as extra and glamorous as you want to be without feeling ashamed.

3. Real friends can be savage AF.

4. Aging doesn’t mean it’s the end of fun, but different kinds of fun!

5. Keep calm and put a smile even in the face of pain.

6. It’s a wonderful thing to be a woman, painful, but wonderful.

7. Celebrate the small accomplishments even when you feel they’re silly.

8. What’s really important in life is relative for each person.

9. Never lose your style, even when you’re sick.

10. In case of doubt, dance the worries away!

11. A simple face expression says more than a hundred words.

12. Be unapologetic about the things you enjoy.

13. Life is too short to walk around worrying about everything.

14. Better late than…pregnant!

Stay golden, pineapples!

*Cover photo from: https://www.redbubble.com/people/pop-tacular/works/19925543-golden-girls-pop?p=art-print

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