5 Things to Do When You’re at Home and Feeling Anxious

Having free time is great for some, but for others it might mean finding yourself in a cage at home, wanting to go out but feeling unable to.

The levels of anxiety seem to rise when we find ourselves with a million things in our minds and not enough time in our hands. Or maybe we’re just anxious about nothing at all, because, y’know, we are used to be. Either way, I encourage you to do something about it, otherwise you’ll spend your time feeling sorry about yourself or even worse, you could end up engaging in unhealthy habits just to get rid of that feeling.

Here are some tips that help me diminish that mild anxiety I get when I’m at home:

1.Hit the yoga mat

Take out the yoga mat from that dusty corner. Don’t give it a thought, and don’t make yourself think whether or not you want to do it. Just go for it. Once you step on it, believe me, you’ve done the hard part already. I usually follow Yoga with Adriene for an easy and relaxing sequence, apt for beginners. If you’re not a beginner, or you can’t stay still for long, then try Five Parks Yoga to challenge yourself.

Easy yoga sequence for mild anxiety.

2. Go for a jog or take a stroll

If you can manage to get out of the house, jogging/walking is perhaps one of the most useful ways to get rid of that anxious energy. Disconnect from social media or Netflix for a while and enjoy the nature, or the interesting things you could see on your stroll. Focus on the outside, on your breathing, or the pace in which you’re jogging. Challenge yourself to go faster and sprint like there’s a cheetah coming after you while you feel your heart pumping blood aggressively. Sometimes, as crazy as it sounds, that makes me feel much better.

3. Dance to shake it off

This goes within the same lines as points one and two. Physical activity improves not only your physical health but the mental as well. It helps the body produce feel-good hormones like endorphins and enkephalins. Also, by focusing on your movements you can boost you creativity and, for a moment, take your mind off anxious thoughts. Listen to your body and dance as freely as you feel the need to.

4. Read a self-help/educational book

Reading a book will help you feel like you are not wasting your time and, at the same time, you’re gaining some knowledge out of it. You can even read a a self-help book about how to deal with anxiety while sipping herbal tea like royalty. Remember: the pinkie cannot touch the mug when you lift it. 😉

5. Make some art

Take that nervous energy and pour it all into a work of art! Who cares if it comes out right or not, it’ll be a good way to get that anxious energy out of your body and make it into something. Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you’re not creative nor good at something. Creativity and talent get better over time with practice and patience.

6. Clean/ tidy up the house

Sometimes, when I go to bed anxious and can’t sleep, I get up and start cleaning or tidying up the apartment. I know it’s hard to get things done when you just want to crawl out of your body, but try to focus entirely on the task. It takes your mind off the thousand thoughts running through your mind while you’re being productive at the same time. Keep in mind not to use any strong cleaning detergent as they’re toxic and just the smell of it can make you feel worse.

The only way to diminish anxiety is being useful. If you feel anxious at home the last thing you need is to do nothing and feel like you’ve wasted your time giving in to anxiety.

Don’t, don’t, don’t give in to anxiety, my friends. If you let it take over you, then you’re missing life.

Stay strong, pineapples.

8 thoughts on “5 Things to Do When You’re at Home and Feeling Anxious

  1. I started painting when my counselor suggested I do something that allowed for creativity and motion. I also do origami to keep my hands busy when I feel like I need to be doing something.
    Great post on fighting off anxiety!


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