Self-Care Reminders Ideas

It’s Organizational Sunday here at The Quirky Pineapple Girls blog!

Honestly, I’m not a fan of strict planning. I like to live my life with minimum planning and wing most of it. I was so strict in the past, I used to have agendas and organize my life by time. Since the habit still persists in me, even though I don’t own agendas anymore, I mentally plan my day because I’m a goal oriented person and I can’t help it.

Back then being so strict only caused me to live my life by plans rather than spontaneity. For those of you that are a hot mess, planning might come in handy. And that’s great, because organizing your life can bring mental peace. For me, however, it didn’t work. So I prefer having friendly reminders all over the place of stuff I need to pay or ideas for goals. This time I made a reminder sheet for my body self-care routines. Here is a simple and easy idea for when you hate rigorous planning but you’re still a forgetful hot mess and need to have a little reminder.

It’s cute and simple. I put it on my bathroom mirror just so I can take a look at it daily and don’t forget.

I organized the ideas by: daily, weekly and monthly.

Hydrate body
Facial wash (soap, toner and moisturizer)
Eye drops

Exfoliate face and body twice
Cooling eye mask
Hydrating/restoring hair mask

Detox tea
Relaxing bath

Remember you only have one body!

Stay organized, pineapples!

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